Fit Process

At On The Run, we pride ourselves in a thorough, straight forward approach to shoe fitting. With every new client we go through a step by step process to ensure you, the runner, have the best shoes for your foot and gait type.

Step 1: We watch you walk barefoot on a line. This is to determine whether you are neutral, supinate or over-pronate as you walk. During this step, we also determine how high or low your arches are.

Step 2: Sizing. We size BOTH feet to ensure proper sizing to the larger foot. Generally, most people that have never been sized for running shoes before will find they’ve been wearing a size too small and will go up at least half a size in running shoes. Why size up, you ask? Simple. When you run (any distance over 2-3 miles) your foot begins to swell and you actually slide forward in the shoe slightly. If the shoe is too short, or fitted tightly, you will start to notice blisters forming on the ends of your toes, black toenails and in extreme cases your toenails will begin to fall off.

Step 3: Now that we’ve narrowed down your foot type and size we’ll pull one version of the appropriate shoe from every brand available. Through process of elimination you, the runner, will narrow it down pair by pair until you find the shoes that feel “just right”.

Step 4: Found the shoe you love? Stick with it! Chances are you’ll be able to use the same style of shoe for a while without having to switch to something different. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke– don’t fix it!”

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