Ameren Il Payment Agreement

Ameren Il Payment Agreement

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The moratorium applies to low-income private clients who qualify for the low-income assistance program and those who are financially affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. CCI stresses that customers should call their utility if they have missed payments or are having difficulty paying a bill. In addition, deferral rules are available for both individuals and small businesses, which are currently having difficulty making payments. Some clients may also be eligible for support from LIHEAP, which is run by local community action agencies. Liheap offers payments to low-income households, the elderly and people with disabilities. Subsidies are based on the number of people in a household, total income and the type of energy consumed. For a limited period until March 31, legitimate Ameren-Illinois customers can establish a 10% down payment plan, with arrears outstanding. From April 1, most customers with remaining balances will have to pay 25 per cent of the amount owed before they can establish a monthly payment plan. The voluntary agreement of public services is much longer than an extension of the moratorium announced earlier this month. At the time, most utilities agreed that the separation moratorium would only be extended until the end of September.

Ameren and ComEd simply agreed to extend it until September 10. “I hope that customers will take advantage of this 10% offer to avoid a separation of service,” Stennis said. “Separation is a last resort. We want to work with our customers to pay their bills. Payment arrangements are one of the best ways to do this. To establish a payment plan or discuss an electricity bill, customers can call Ameren Illinois Customer Service at 1-800-755-5000, choose “bill and payment” from the menu, and follow voice announcements. Customers can also establish an online agreement by visiting and logging into their account. “We know that some of our customers face difficult economic times, especially during the winter months. We are proposing this payment plan because we want to help our customers get back on track,” says Shirley Stennis, Ameren Illinois` Director of Customer Services. “Our goal is to avoid service outages,” Ogden said. “We will only separate the service if all reasonable efforts to establish a payment plan have failed or if the customer has not paid the agreed payments.” Given that many Illinois families still face financial challenges due to COVID-19, Ameren Illinois offers more flexible payment aids and payment options for customers who may be lagging behind on their energy bills. As part of its economic stimulus program, Ameren encourages customers who currently need assistance to use their available resources to save energy and reduce their bills. They also invite customers who need help paying their bills to contact Ameren to explore their payment options.

Ameren offers a number of financial assistance programs, including: Illinois Energy Assistance Program to Help Families with Energy Costs Ameren Illinois Fresh Start Bill Assistance Program for those in economic difficulty during COVID-19 Difficult Cases of pandemic Subsidies for seniors and families, financial hardship due to job loss , Illness or Disability The Warm Neighbors Cool Friends Initiative to provide year-round payment for Illinois Fighting Families Military Support Grants to Qualified Active Members Available to Military and Disabled Veterans Deferred Payment Arrangements for Clients to create flexible payment arrangements when they have an outstanding balance after all applicable billing aids have been applied to their accounts.




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